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Italian Goddess
of Nature and the Hunt

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Diana was orginally queen of the open sky, worshiped only outdoors. She may have been the ruler of the sun as well as the moon. Diana's name comes from the word for light; she might have been the original Italian ruler of the sun. Diana ruled on earth, the goddess of the wild places on earth and in our psyches, and the protectress of women in childbirth.

This goddess was sometimes called the threefold Diana Trivia, in which with two other deities she made up the trinity: Egeria the water numph, her servant and assistant midwife; and Virbius, the mysterious woodland god, living together in Wood of Nemi near Aricia.

Diana was known for her strength and her athletic grace, her skill as a huntress was unsurpassed. As a moon goddess, she reflects the changing cycles of the moon and of nature. She reminds us of our connection with nature with its cycles of growth, death, and rebirth.

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