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Norse Goddess of Peace

Limited Edition
A 17" x 22" poster sized print of Nerthus
Signed, framed and matted to 22" x 28".


Play to hear narration of Nerthus

Nerthus is the Norse Goddess (Teutonic) of peace, fertility, witchcraft, wealth, the sea, and purification. She is also known as the Earth Mother. Erce is her old English name, known as the goddess of blessings.

She was worshipped in a sacred grove on an island in the North Sea or the Baltic Sea, possibly in Sjaeland, but the center of her worship was in Denmark. With the arrival of spring an image of the goddess was carried about on a sacred, covered wagon which was drawn by an oxen among the neighboring tribes.

Nerthus is related to the Greek nerteroi (gods of the underworld), and with Njord, the Norse god of the sea. She is believed to be the mother of Freyja the Norse goddess of beauty and love. Nerthus had been known to mingle with humans.

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