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Limited Edition
A 17" x 22" poster sized print of Radha
Signed, framed and matted to 22" x 28".


Radha known as the "Beloved One" is the Hindu goddess of sexuality and tantric love. She is an incarnation of the Indian goddess of abundance, Lakshmi. Radha was the adulterous lover of Krishna, the incarnation of Lakshmi's consort, Vishnu. Radha's and Krishna's love is the source of some of the most famous love poetry in existence.

The goddess Radha is still honored today with her naked priestesses in secret rituals of shakti, the female energy. Although other goddesses sometimes appear as priestesses of these rites, most often it is the voluptuous Radha who stands before her worshipers, putting on a mortal woman's body for the occasion. She appears naked except for jewelry and flowers and she is given reverence to the essence of femininity by groups of male and female worshipers. All her worshipers are bound to utter secrecy about their participation in the ceremonies.

Poetry by S. David
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