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African Ocean Goddess of the Crecent Moon

Limited Edition
A 17" x 22" poster sized print of YEMAYA
Signed, framed and matted to 22" x 28".


Yemaya (pronounced ee'mah-zha) -Ymoja to the Yoruba people of West Africa is the goddess of the sea, the moon and the rivers whose healing powers are carried in the great waters. Her colors are blue, silver and white and her stones are turquoise (and other light blue crystals), pearl, mother-of-pearl and coral. The trout lily and sea lavender are Yemaya’s flowers, while sandalwood, tea rose, lilac and frangipani are her fragrances.

Yemaya is dichotomous in nature. She is strong, a nurturer, a life-giver as well as a destroyer like the ocean itself. She is considered the Great Witch, the ultimate manifestation of female powers. She is the mother archetype and the provider of wealth and possessor of the collective subconscious, ancient wisdom, and the secrets hidden in the sea.

She is the "Mother of the Waters" because of her ability to give birth to the world's waters. New springs would appear whenever she turns over in her sleep. Springs would gush forth and turn into rivers wherever she walks. Yemaya, together with the gods Oshun and Oya (the guardians of the River Niger), is said to be the "supreme in the arts of mystic retribution", and protects her people "against all evil".

Poetry by S. David
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