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Melquart -
City God of Ancient Tyre

30" x 40" oil on canvas - framed


Melquart - City God of Ancient Tyre

Melquart is the Phoenician sea god and the son of Poseidon or Poseidon himself by another name. In another version of the Melquart mythology, he is the son of El, the supreme deity of the Phoenicians. In the ancient port city of Tyre, Melquart was the principal and tutelary god known as Baal - Lord of Tyre (Ba'al Sur). The Phoenician name Melquart translates to the "King of the City".

Melquart (other various spellings: Melqart, Melkart, Melgart) is attributed to being the progenitor of the Tyrian royal family. The Greeks called him the Tyrian Herakles which resembled closely the mythology of Hercules and frequently referred to them interchangeably.