Artist Profile

Josephine Maisonet photoPoetic Romanticism is what artist Josephine Maisonet sees her style to be. Her art can be characterized by her chosen subjects as well as by the manner in which she uses color - from the vibrant to the most delicate. Working in various mediums such as oil, watercolor, digital and photography, she chooses to express different genres that captures her interest. Her non-abstract work ventures into fantasy, mythology, symbolism as well as the conventional still life.

She is classically trained even though her two bachelor degrees are in mathematics and computer science. Over 18 years ago Josephine decided to pursue her love of art. Since then she has not looked back.

Even with a considerable number of solo shows and art exhibitions to her name Josephine still strives for artistic growth and development. For her it is the joy and pleasure of the pursuit and quest of mastery in her chosen field.

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