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Limited Edition
A 14" x 21" Digital Painting of LILITH
Signed, framed and matted to 18" x 24".
Free Shipping within the Continental United States.
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Lilith is an ancient Middle Eastern/Mesopotamian goddess of abundance, fertility, and fecundity, the giver of agriculture to humanity. Lilith is associated with the owl, a figure of darkness and deep wisdom, for she is also a goddess of death and transformation. The lotus is also associated with her, a symbolism that tells us much about her. The lotus, is an exquisite flower that grows out of dark, rank, decaying earth - it represents spiritual enlightenment, compassion and wisdom.

According to ancient non-biblical Jewish literature and Kabbalistic traditions, Lilith was the first woman God created and the first wife of Adam, made from the earth at either the same time as Adam or before Adam. This made Lilith equal to Adam, sharing the same responsibilities in the garden of Eden. When the first man (Adam) suggested sexual intercourse to the first female (Lilith), she enthusiastically agreed but became insulted when Adam instructed her to lie on her back. As Adam's equal, she refused to lie on her back while Adam took the dominant position in sex (missionary style). Lilith believed that they should make love as equals (the beast with two backs). Adam was adamantly against this, and wanted her to be submissive. In a rage Lilith left the Garden of Eden. In seeing Adam's loneliness God created another female, Eve to remedy this.

It was Lilith in serpent form who seduced Eve to eat the fruit of knowledge. Eventually, Lilith was portrayed as the foe of Eve. The creation of Eve did not rid Adam of Lilith. Legend tells us that Adam often left Eve to spend time with Lilith and sired children with her. These children were considered to be part of the demon race.

Thereafter, in Jewish mythology, Lilith is described as a demon of unearthly beauty of dark hair, wings and taloned feet. She exudes tremendous sexual energy that captivates men and cause them to pine away with lust and desire for her.

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