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Succubus - (The Seductress)

Limited Edition
13" x 19" Digital Painting of Succubus
Signed, framed and matted to 16" x 20".
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Play to hear narration of Succubus

In medieval folklore a succubus (succubi – plural ) from the Latin verb succubre, “to lie under” is a female demon that consumes the souls of men by seduction and sexual intercourse. A pagan descendant of the ancient Hebrew goddess Lilith and the demon queen Naamah (of ancient Hebrew), the succubus whose otherworldly beauty, irresistible seductive powers and sexuality would prey upon men in their sleep. Her favorite prey were monks and priests who have taken the vows of celibacy.

Often called "Temptress of the Night" the succubus would induce erotic night fantasies and sexual arousal. In seeking its sustenance, the succubus would penetrate a person's dreams, enabling her to consume their breath - which was considered part of the human soul or spirit - and steal their semen. The succubus would drive her prey to utter exhaustion. Often the exhaustion would be so debilitating that it would cause illness and even death.

The succubus endangered the human race by affecting men in such a way that they would lust and pine away for her never able again to be sexually aroused by mortal women. The male counterpart of the succubus is called an incubus (Latin for “to lie above”). There are scholars and sources that believe that the succubus and the incubus are the same demonic creature, which shape-shifts or changes to any form that would allow it to seduce any man or woman it is preying upon.

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